Selling my beloved Suzuki DR 500. This is the best DR that money can buy, i owned 350-600-650 and the bigs before, and hands down this is the best.

Have logbook on my name, key is here.

Awesome for road use with Near supermoto wheels, and even better for enduro/off road use. This tires will allow to do both and without the need of changing.

Please note: The photos was before the engine had being taken down, the problem is that the kick starter spring had broken down and engine was tear down to a 60% , then covid hit and my mechanic left the country and havent returned since. That spring will cost 3euro.

Please, do not come to me with offers, i am not going down at all. If you cant afforded it, scroll on and leave me the fuck alone with the texts and calls.

Bike has a respected asking price, and honestly, it would fetch the 3k euro mark once fixed back up.